The Scrolls Demo Version

9 years, By: Orangee

When Scrolls hits version 1.0 the game price will drop to $5 and the tablet version will be out for Android tablets/phones and iPads. The tablet version come out for beta testing today and for a lucky 32 players can try it now. We are not allowed to share video or images of the tablet version yet so I cannot post anything about this.


But! With the new tablet version we got the first look at the demo version of the game.


In the Demo Version you cannot access:

  • Medium & Hard Trials
  • Hard & Medium Dailies
  • Hard AI (Skirmish)
  • Judgment, Ranked
  • Avatar Saving
  • The Black Market
  • Trading 
  • Shards
  • Buy Avatars
  • Buy Decks



You can buy the game YEY!

And of course the Demo users got a special Demo Badge! 

Scrolldier Update: API

9 years, By: Orangee



The new scrolldier page will contain an API for lots of deck stuff, so far i got Decks and Scrolls in Decks (get all decks with that scroll in it. and some stats.).

I would love to hear what types of API stuff you guys want me to add!

Carnalizer had a new stream today!

9 years, By: Orangee

All we know is that this is a unit.



Set 7 Begins!

9 years, By: Orangee

Designed by Bomuboi (drawn by Carnalizer), this Order unit, will probably be called "Something Something Scholar"

What we can see on the art is old Scholar walking with a stick of some kind, at the top of the stick its a jar of ink.


Source: & IRC #scrollsguide



So, from what we know so far from set 7, is that they will focus more on existing subtypes and get out more scrolls of each the types that already exists, for example Pillage and Dominion. 


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Top 5 decks at the moment

1. Late Game Growth

50 11
26 Creatures - 6 Structurs - 18 Spells

2. Structure Energy

50 10
5 Creatures - 21 Structurs - 21 Spells - 3 Enchantments

3. Undead YOLO Decay

50 10
27 Creatures - 3 Structurs - 6 Spells - 14 Enchantments

4. [DO] Control

50 8
21 Creatures - 2 Structurs - 24 Spells - 3 Enchantments

5. Yolo Undead

50 8
34 Creatures - 3 Structurs - 11 Spells - 2 Enchantments

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