Complete your scrolls collection

Currently only works with 1x of each type

How do this work?

  1. Go to your deckbuilder
  2. Don't search for anything to see everything you got 0 of, Search #:3+ to see everything you need to get a full playset
  3. Hit the "Add Scrolls" button
  4. Click "Save Deck", then press Export
  5. Copy the String you get to the field below
  6. Click the "Find my missing scrolls" button

Note: To find the scrolls you are missing that you already have 1+.

  1. Go to your deckbuilder
  2. Search: #:2-
  3. now all the scrolls you have 2 or less of should show up.

Crafting tip:

  1. Go to your deckbuilder
  2. Search: #:5+ l:1
  3. now it only shows tier 1 scrolls you have 5 or more of, now you can craft without thinking of ending up with only 2 tier 2. you will always have 3+ of the same scrolls this way. Now Just hold drag in to the crafting table