New Scroll Library for in-game scrolls.

9 years, By: Orangee

Hello everyone, today i published a new scrolls library for all in-game scrolls in Scrolls. This if hopefully just a small taste of what the library will be.

i hope to add decks that have the scroll you are looking at listed by the scroll, and more...


Some day I will hopefull manage to make a scroll-library for your in-game scrolls. So you all can complete your sets!


if you find any bugs pm me or comment here. it has not bean tested that well yet so i bet there is a few bugs.


you can find the library under scrolls -> in-game or click here



A day on the scrolls ladder

9 years, By: Blinky

For a while now I have been neglecting the old Ranked Ladder, preferring instead to play on the Test Server or when playing ranked opting to just mess around with weird decks. Yesterday however I vowed to make an effort, take ranked seriously and play all day. My aim was to get to the top spot before the Weekly Winners were announced. After 33 games and about 12 hours of playing I achieved my goal and am here to analyze what happened on my journey, who I played against, what decks I faced etc


I began at a rating of 1785 needing to hit a rating of 1924 to become #1, that means I needed to gain 139 points during the day. My weapon of choice was my old favorite Mono Decay. A nice and simple build that can stand up to almost everything.


As I mentioned earlier I played 33 games, 29 of those were wins, this of course means that I had 4 losses. 2 losses were to Mono Growth Aggro, 1 was to Mono Energy Ranged and the last was to Mono Energy Structures.


Here is the run down of how today's matches went including who I played against, what deck they played and how long the games were, all stats are taken from Scrolls Guide. As you can see I played against quite a few different decks.

  • Mono Decay 10 times (some poison and some normal(ish))
  • Mono Order 4 times (all Tempo Order)
  • Mono Growth (all aggro based)
  • Mono Energy (both ranged and structure variants)
  • Growth/Energy (A Gravelock based deck and another which I can't quite recall)
  • Decay/Order (Decay and Order Poison decks).


Quite a few different decks but most of them are tempo/aggression based decks like Mono Growth Aggro, Tempo Order. You can even throw in Decay if you like. Anway, the people that I faced and what they played went as follows, formatted by Name, Deck and record (W/L):


  • ARN64, Mono Decay (1/0)
  • Nrp123, Tempo Order (2/0), Mono Decay (1/0), overall (2/0)
  • kkingbob, Energy/Growth (1/0)
  • therealdip, Mono Growth (1/0)
  • arachn1d, Mono Decay (2/0)
  • Manc00s, Decay/Order (1/0), Mono Growth (1/0)
  • Eva, Tempo Order (1/0), Mono Growth (1/0), Mono Energy (1/0), overall (3/0)
  • Applemonkeyman, Mono Growth (0/2), Mono Energy (1/0), overall (1/2)
  • Carnage, Decay/Order (1/0)
  • Grawler, Growth/Energy (1/0)
  • Sengirvampir, Mono Energy (0/1)
  • Heliandor, Mono Growth (1/0)
  • Skunkks, Mono Decay (1/0)
  • node_js, Mono Energy (1/0)
  • Bogomil, Mono Growth (1/0)
  • Zadrim, Mono Energy (1/0)
  • Filman, Mono Decay (1/0)
  • MrTrillo89, Mono Growth (2/0)
  • Lahopaa, Mono Energy (0/1)
  • TheRaider_27, Mono Order (1/0)
  • istrion, Mono Decay (1/0)
  • Leeger, Mono Decay (1/0)
  • LukiGamer, Mono Decay (2/0)


So my conclusion from today's experience is as follows:

  • The meta is open, all decks are doing well however I would say that the most consistent is Mono Decay as in its arsenal it has the scrolls to counter all deck variants.
  • Queue times weren't to bad, had to wait about a minute on average which didn't bother me to much.
  • Magic Armour preventing self inflicted damage really needs to be changed, am really surprised that it hasn't been done so on the test server let along the live server
  • You guys are getting tough to beat :)


So that is it, if you find this post boring then my apologies. This sort of post is the kind of thing that I enjoy reading so I tried my best to emulate that. Of course my experience on the ladder today doesn't really reflect how popular certain decks are or what the best deck is but, as I said, this is what I discovered today.

Thanks for the games everyone :)

The New Arena Look

9 years, By: Orangee

Waypoints Part 3 - Update 0.127.0

9 years, By: Orangee

Update 0.127.0 has hit Test Server today, bringing with it the last 16 scrolls in Set 6: Waypoints! 


One new feature that's been introduced is called Sift.

Sift allows a player to view X random scrolls from either your library or your graveyard (determined by its respective card); you may then choose one scroll to place back in your hand. The remaining two scrolls are then reshuffled into your library / graveyard.

There will possible be some broken scrolls in this patch, but they will not changed them yet. Until they know what to do with them.

So point out what scrolls is OP so Mojang can get to work and try to make them less OP. 

All new Scrolls: Thanks to iScre4m


Irva, Voice of the Dead

5  CREATURE - Human

Atk: 4, CD: 2, HP: 5


When an Undead you control deals damage, Irva makes a ranged attack for 2 damage.

"Haunted by a thousand forgotten voices, she speaks."




Reloras, Lord Knight

4  CREATURE - Human, Knight

Atk: 2, CD: 2, HP: 4


*Resonance: Reloras and adjacent units get +1 Attack until end of turn.




Terrene Brute


Atk: 5, CD: 5, HP: 5

When a creature enters play on your side, Terrene Brute counts down by 1.



Gravelock Freak

5  CREATURE - Gravelock

Atk: 3, CD: 2, HP: 6

When another Gravelock takes damage, Gravelock Freak's Countdown is decreased by 1.

"Stone teeth, metal maw.

Rend limb, bone gnaw."



As alway with new patches there will be bugs, such as this fun one. The full set preview for Waypoints will be written up later.

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