Splash Art Preview!

9 years, By: Hopefighter

(Click Image for full size)

So after checking the assets after last patch I found something pretty cool: New Backgrounds for the Main Menu

The reason this goes up this late is simply wanting to figure out how to enable it (Read how to at the end of this Post).


This has been made by Poi, and seems to resemble Khaile, the Area the Growth   faction is based in. I also found one looking like Illmire (Decay  ), but unfortunatly didn't get it to work, so no preview for it ;) 



If you want this in your Scrolls you can easily enable it.

Just head over to your Install Directory (I will just trust you to find it yourself) 

  • Follow this path: '.../game/assets/objects/'.
  • Now you will need to swap the files '6db94d984118aac38e6e15b3ff3cceac39305059' and '9a903d412e4c20803f2849635f1bc754d221e144' in the folders '6d' and '9a'.
  • Lastly you will now need to swap the NAMES of those 2 as well.


Please note that this will not 100% work with the next patches. This depends on if the Art changes or not.



    - Hopefighter

Decay Enchatment!

9 years, By: Orangee


Carnalizer had a stream today, and no, its not a Energy scroll, its a Decay Enchantment!

Humble Bundle of Scrolls!

9 years, By: Hopefighter



Scrolls is a part of the Humble Card Game Bundle! P6C6-F2M4-B8H8


If you haven't allready, get yourself a copy at the Humble Bundle website!


Should you allready own the game, you can still get something special out of it if you pay 12$ or more you get the Scrolls Humble Bundle Deluxe Pack:

2 of the new Pre-Construckted Decks:

  • The Longnose Brigade (Energy)
  • Way of the Knight (Order)

Humble Bundle exlusive Skins, for both male and female:


Here is a Link to Mojangs offical Post:




Some of you might have allready noticed: I am not Orangee. Thats right! I am a new Admin of Scrolldiers. (Don't worry Orangee is still here)

As some sort of celebration here is a gift-code: M9R7-V3G9-R3H7.

There might still be the odd one hiding in the Post somewhere. Good Luck.


I am looking forward to you guys!

     - Hopefighter

New idols!

9 years, By: Orangee

So with this new update we got a few "new" idols(or crystals as they were called back in alpha) to the game. these idols have been in the assets forever and many of you have seen them already. But for those who have not seen all yet here is a preview:



Too see all the idol damage'n stuff look at this imgur album

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