Pre-Constructed Deck Competition!

9 years, By: Orangee

The Pre-Constructed Deck Competition has started and tons of decks are submitted!


Now it's your chance to show the devs your deck building skills! go to the deckbuilder and build some decks!


Submit Your Deck Here


Need a game code?

9 years, By: Orangee

Write a little bit in the comments, why YOU are the most amazing scrolldier and why you need a key! (requers a scrolldier account, to register you need to have a scrolls demo account)

2 Players will get a code this way!


Winners: fillefilip8 & MindTheGap97 Congratulations, you will find a game code in your message folder here on Scrolldier!

Minecraft Capes?

9 years, By: Orangee


Minecraft will have the Weekly Winner Capes for everyone for 2 days now!
To get this cape permanently you need to be the top of the ladder 5 times.

Have a Scrolls game code on me!

Z2C9-J2D2-J9R8 (already taken)


To redeem go to

Scrolldier Update #3

9 years, By: Orangee


Things are starting to get a bit hectic around here now, with Scrolls’ release right around the corner, and we would like both the new Scrolldier site and the Tournament site to be done. Scrolldier will definitely not be done before the 11th, so we are aiming to get the tournament site done before, or on, the 11th. I have an exam on the 12th so things may not go to plan...


I have been designing the Scrolldier Deck page for a few weeks now and arrived at this design. I'm actually quite satisfied with it. I tried about 10 different menus and the simplest of them all was the one who made it.


The background image will be random, when you create a deck, or you can choose which background suits your deck the best.  


Finally, I have added Authentication/Scrolls server status in the footer with online players and total players in the last 24 hours.

oh, i'm also adding tags to decks. Now the search will be better!

Something Missing on Scrolldier?

Submit a Suggestion here!

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Top 5 decks at the moment

1. Late Game Growth

50 11
26 Creatures - 6 Structurs - 18 Spells

2. Structure Energy

50 10
5 Creatures - 21 Structurs - 21 Spells - 3 Enchantments

3. Undead YOLO Decay

50 10
27 Creatures - 3 Structurs - 6 Spells - 14 Enchantments

4. [DO] Control

50 8
21 Creatures - 2 Structurs - 24 Spells - 3 Enchantments

5. Yolo Undead

50 8
34 Creatures - 3 Structurs - 11 Spells - 2 Enchantments

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