Secret Feature?

9 years, By: Orangee

(Disclaimer: everything in this post is NOT from Mojang its just theory crafting on upcoming features.)


Its highly due that we have a new post here on, its been forever. So why not do some spoiler stuff, since there has been some talk about a secret features the devs are working on.


1. Puzzle Icon

This Puzzle piece is one of the 3 new asset icons that we found. It might have nothing todo with the Custom Matches, we have no clue what it is for so this is just theory crafting.


Maybe it has something to do with a campaign? The dev wanted to have a campaign ready a few month after V. 1.0 which would be christmas 2014… So its highly due that we get one soon, like seen here: these old campaign assets were dug out a long time ago. We all were hoping for a board made out of these assets like shown at the top of the page. As we have heard later these assets were scrapped and will most likely not be used in the campaign. But we never know. 

EDIT: The Puzzle icon is actualy for the custom matches. For matches that are like spot the win like this


2. Shield Icon

The Shield has been in the assets for a long time, but not been used yet. We have believed this is to show armoured units. But we are not sure yet. Hopefully it will be in the game soon and we will see what its actually for.


3. Link Icon

This icon makes me wonder. Maybe we can import decks directly from a Scrollsguide or Scrolldier deck link into the game? if so that would be amazing! Though i don’t think so, we though we would have heard something from the dev if this was the case, but we might be wrong, or maybe they just have the scrollsguide link. 


Another thing this could be used for, is the replays, maybe we can get links/ids to replays we can link each other for easier sharing of replays. We have bothered the dev for ages about downloadable replays but that will not happen. So maybe they will add links for us instead? This could also be the same case with Custom matches.


Could also just be an icon for links in the chat.

EDIT: Most likely the link icon will be used with Custom Matches as well with the new mustComplete(authorName, customMatchName) code.


What is your though on these 3 icons? Will they ever show up in-game?



On the test server a little avatar spoiler was found. If you have been one of the top 10 on the test server the last few weeks you might have gotten a whisper from Scrolls saying you have been awared an avatar set for beeing top 10 this week. Not everyone has seen the set so I'm including it here. This is the male version, you can find the female version on the test server.



APRIL FOOLS - Test Server Assets: 4 new Scrolls discovered!

9 years, By: Hopefighter

Over the last couple of Days we where very busy with developing on the new Version of Scrolldier. But that's not all we've been up to.


Yesterday evening (31th March 2015) we were searching through the new assets of the Test Server added by the last Update (read about it here). To our big surprise we discovered that not 12 new Scrolls were added, but 16. After talking to Gareth(@SeeMeScrollin) he gave us the okay to exclusively tell you about these new Scrolls, so without further delay, here they are:


It seems the flavour-texts of these scrolls will be outsourced as well. Tell us your ideas and thoughts about the new Scrolls in the Comments.


EDIT: APRIL FOOLS. In case you were wondering, you can find all the art at Carnalizers Blogspot

Scrolldier Dev Blog

9 years, By: Hopefighter

Hey everyone, Hopefighter here.


As some of you might be aware we (Orangee and myself) are currently working on the next big version of Scrolldier, and I thought you would like an Update about what is happening.


If you haven't allready, check out the dev-version of Scrolldier. Please keep in mind that there are still a lot of things missing, but those will be added over time.


Here is a rundown of what we are up to right now:

  • I added a way for Admins to modify the displayed Stream
  • I am currently working on rewriting some of the server backend stuff
  • Orangee is working on adding a new Scrolls Designer and a new Deck Builder


Please leave feedback on the current state of the dev version in the comments. We also still need some art for the tools(wink, wink, nudge, nudge).


I know this looks like not much is done, but understand that neither of us are getting payed for this, we are doing this for the awesome community.

Scrolls Test Server Update 1.2.3

9 years, By: Hopefighter

The Scrolls Server got Updated (a few days ago at the time of this post) with lots of cool new stuff.


General Information


In case you missed it, Set 7 is called: 'Echoes'


New Scrolls


12 New scrolls have been added.


Deathly Grasp: 2 Decay; Spell; Target creature gets Slayer until end of turn.

Essence Garb: 2 Decay; Enchantment; Enchanted creature gets +1 Attack and +1 Health. Dominion: +2 Attack and +2 Health

Pack Husk: 3 Decay; Creature: Undead; (3/3/4); When Pack Husk is destroyed, draw 1 scroll.

Pickaxe Volunteer: 2 Energy; Creature: Human; (4/3/3)

Extractor Device: 3 Energy; Enchantment; Pillage: Increase Energy by 1.

Melt-Iron Shell: 3 Energy; Enchantment; Surge: Enchanted unit’s Attack and Health are increased by X.

Earthboon: 2 Growth; Enchantment; Enchanted unit gets +1 Attack for each Lingering spell in play. Whenever a Lingering spell is played, enchanted unit’s Countdown is decreased by 1.

Steelwood Champion: 4 Growth; Creature: Human, Warden; (4/2/3); Inspiring: +1 Attack

Verdant Remnant: 4 Growth; Structure: Totem; (0/3/4); Haste. When Verdant Remnant’s Countdown becomes 0, draw 1 creature scroll.

Oppressor’s Rule: 2 Order; Spell; Units on one side of a row have their Move decreased by 1 until the end of their turn. Any attached enchantments are destroyed.

Scout: 2 Order; Creature: Human; (2/2/2); When Scout comes into play, sift 3 scrolls from your library. Choose one of them to put on top of your library.

Favored: 3 Order; Enchantment; Enchanted unit gets +2 Health. Dominion: Enchanted unit’s Attack is increased by your Order.



Additional Changes


There have also been some changes to existing Scrolls:


Caravans of the Expanse( ) workers felt useless when Dominion had been established, so they decided to change their supplies accordingly: Now has Dominion: +1 Attack to your units; Other Dominion traits are active.


Wings Charger ( ) with not being used, has spent her free time grinding a few mobs and leveled up her HP: Now has 5 Health (was 4).


Eternal Sword ( ) is now only passed on to one heir. (Fixed a duplication issue in trials [bug fix])


Berserker ( ) has been on the weights and is now even tougher (Now has 5 Health instead of 4).


Nog Nest ( ) inhabitants realized using appurtenance as a support pillar doesn't work out too well. Can no longer be saved from self-destruction with Appurtenance.



Check out the original Post here

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