Caller's Bane - Scroll returns!

6 years, By: Hopefighter

Hello Scrolldiers,


It's been a long time since something was posted here, and in something that I can personally only describe as a surprise Mojang has announced that Scrolls will be made available for free under the name Caller's Bane 


How to play

To play Caller's Bane you have to download and the client from and unpack it into your favourite (or prefered) directory, that's it.


When starting up your client you will notice a new drop-down box in the menu, this is to select your server. When first connecting to the server you will need to create a new account on that server.  If you don't want to play on the (as of writing this post) only server you will have to create your own server, more on that in the future.



It is unclear to me if work on this site will continue as I will first need to get into contact with Orangee, to sort out legal stuff with him, regarding things like the GDPR, this might be a non-issue but it is still important to check, just so we are on the save side.


Have fun out there Scrolldiers!